Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Post....at 1:20 am on the Day after.....

It was a good day today.  The entire family was over after 6:00 pm and I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  Just a nice get together for all of us.   Don spent the majority of the day with Phoenix which was nice and of course Phoenix and I had our time together this morning.
Jon and Irma brought an oreo ice cream cake!  Amazing!  I hadn't had ice cream cake in decades!  Oh, and I even got to go to the grocery store by myself!  No hubby or grandson to distract me!  That meant that I made the entire trip within an hour there, shopping and back with all the groceries put away...well, true I only picked up what I needed for the grilling, but it still was a very quick trip!  I get my day off tomorrow and Wednesday which is always nice.  They will be quiet days as my BFF is away on vacation.  This means I won't have any dinner plans other than what I decide to make for myself (which I'm assuming will be a burger or hot dog...maybe both!)  It's nice to get the grill fired up and cook up some yummy food for everyone.  Think I'd better start planning a bit better though.  Everything works out so much smoother that way!  I don't like to buy my meat until the day of though...just don't like it sitting in the fridge for a couple of days.  I'd rather have it fresh from store to grill.
I hope you all had good days too.
I know I haven't blogged like I thought I would, but it's a chore to get back into the groove if you know what I mean.  But, if you plan it, execute it for 7 days, it becomes habit.  A good habit too.
Going to watch a bit of t.v. (recorded Texas Rising) and then off to sleep, providing I CAN sleep.  Well, no way to know unless I try, right?
Oh...Movie recommendation!  TQ and I rented "Still Alice" with Julieanna Moore.  It's about a woman who is a linguist and she gets early onset Alzheimers.  So sad and she's such a wonderful actress...if you watch, grab some tissue!  Buh-Bye!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday's Wonders

Ah, Wednesday...my Sunday.  Today's plan?  Not much....until after my hubby goes to work and TQ (twentysomething queen) takes "the Boom" (nickname for my grandson) out for the day.  So, sometime after 2:00 pm.  And even so, what I'll be doing is nothing much....mostly just "taking it easy" as hubby puts it.  TQ rented the movie Taken 3 for me which I plan to enjoy at my leisure!  Feeling better today than I did yesterday....way better.  Sometimes I just get so low.  But it's a new day and maybe I'll get something accomplished besides watching a movie today.

I did get some laundry done yesterday, so that's a plus.  Maybe vacuuming is on the agenda for a bit later on today.  I don't have too much to blog about right now, but there's always a chance that I'll come back later and add something.  Out for now...

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I'm back....my laptop is fixed (it's been sick for a long time) and I found this blogging site once again...thinking I'm going to hang out a bit now.  My amazing grandson is now 3 and actually lets me have computer time while I'm watching him...just for a few minutes anyway!
The saddest part of my day today was when I walked out to the garage and saw that my husband had backed the car out already...I looked at the cat and thought...wow, she's getting a really good stretch there.  Then as I looked at the car, the cat, the situation I realized that my husband had run her over with both tires of his car.  It horrible!  I panicked and didn't know what to do.  She passed away before we could do anything for her.  She never would have made it to the vet.  In a way, it was pretty quick, but in my eyes, it was soooo long.  I know she must have suffered but it didn't last long.  Aw God I hate seeing that happen again!  Last time it was ME who ran over the old cat (Mr. Shoe).  I know hubby feels just awful and I do too.  Miss Kiss was over 15 and had been losing weight the past several months.  I don't think she was going to last too much longer, but it still hurts seeing it happen.  A very sad day here.
I will be trying to keep up better with this blog.  Now I have a bit of time, and like I said, my computer is working again.  I need the outlet, and having at least 1 person here who reads my posts will be nice.  Perhaps I can challenge myself to be more mindful of my blog time.  I love to write (I know, I know, we all do and all wish that we were writers of some sort) and have found over the years that I really do think better (sorting out me, if you will) when I take the time to write my thoughts out and ease em around my brain.  
Say a prayer for my Kissy Marue who I'm hoping has already crossed over the rainbow bridge and said hello to Korky, Traz, Nikki and Mr. Shoe.  
Bless her little kitty heart.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little down....

Don't know why, but I've been feeling a little down for the past few days...perhaps it's the fact that Phoenix is turning 1 in February, or maybe it's the fact that my "baby" is turning 25 on Friday...or perhaps it's from staying inside too much.  What ever it is, I'm not happy feeling like this.  I've been in full on depression before, and this isn't it, but it's the beginning slope and I really don't want to fall into that state of mind once again.
I think that a possible reason could be that I never get to go do anything w/ hubby.  I love my daughter like crazy, but honestly, it's very difficult having her live here with the baby full time.  And caring for him full time is a difficult task.  Don't get me wrong, I love him like crazy, but this isn't the kind of grandma I wanted to be.  I'm glad they are close...wouldn't want them to move away to another town or state, but I'd love to just be a grandma and not a parent again.  Am I looking at this the wrong way?  I had envisioned my grand kids coming over to visit and me spoiling the rotten then sending them home so that mommy & daddy could deal with them.  I can't do that w/ Phoenix...oh no!  I can't spoil him because then I have to deal with him!  
I've got my son and daughter-in-love coming over a bit later on to celebrate my daughters birthday.  She's working on Friday, so the best day was today.  We've already given her her gifts...a new body pillow case, a new blanket and we went in on a new mattress topper for her bed...those gel memory foam toppers.  We were hoping that it would help her back.  Apparently her mattress is just too firm although she needs it firm because of her back injury a couple of years back...the topper helped some, but she is still waking up sore in the morning.   *sigh*
Little man is finishing his lunch and little momma went out to the garage for a few minutes, leaving me to take care of him...so, I've gotta get back on the grandma train!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Day off...

What a gorgeous day it was today!  Even the evening was beautiful!  I'm so glad I live here where the weather is so mild!  I can't even imagine living where it snows!  Today is the first day off of 2 for me.  So nice to be able to just relax and work on my computer without anyone coming up looking for attention...you know who I mean.  I love our little man, but he is a curious little fellow!
My dinner is nearly done...just waiting for the bread to bake.  I feel so hungry all of the sudden!
I watched a movie with my daughter yesterday...it was sooo good! "Hope Springs" with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep....they made it seem as if we were actually looking into the real lives of people rather than watching a movie...brilliant actors!  I'd been wanting to see it since I heard about it and was glad that my daughter wanted to see it too.
Chow bell just rang (that would be the timer on the stove), time to fill my belly!

Friday, January 4, 2013

And then there was Friday.....

Here I sit on a Friday evening, in my room, all by myself but for the company of my westie and yorkie.  My babysitting day is over, daughter is home and she has a good friend over.  I decided that I needed a break from the action so brought my laptop to my room so I could get in a line or 2 without being interrupted by the happy hands of an 11 month old.  It's nice just to relax here, but I'm well aware of the fact that I'll be doing it all again tomorrow.
It's been absolutely gorgeous weather right here in river city for the last part of this week....sunny, blue skies, a little windy, but otherwise, gorgeous.  It's jacket weather now instead of the coats everyone was wearing at the beginning of the week.  Nice to be able to look outside and see the sun rather than the grey skies.  My feet were actually getting cold, and trust me, I don't get cold!  Seems as if this global warming is starting to take its toll weather-wise.
My son has been using my car for the last few days so I've been kinda stuck in the house...not that I drive around all that much, but just knowing that I CAN'T makes all the difference!
Well, not much to say apparently so I'm gonna go back to trying to play a game over on FB....or maybe I'll fiddle around with my kindle...razza frazza though....it won't play blue-ray's I put up in the "cloud" because I went to vudu (where the blue-ray instructions told me to go!) and just found out today that they aren't connected through android (which is what the kindle fire is).  I uploaded 2 movies I bought to it and can't even see them on the tablet...grrrr!  Learning new things each and every day...some not so much fun as others though!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year/New Begnnings

At the encouragement and behest of my friend, I have decided to give Blogger a try.  I blogged at another social site for years, but also have not blogged on a regular basis for at least 3 years.  I have to agree with Cindy that I do need this outlet, even if I can't be here all the time.  At least I can give it a shot.
So far, this new year holds promise.  If I can just keep myself on track it should be a better year than the last 2.
As far as the name of this blog is concerned, let me just say this:  Cindy actually came up with the name.  You see (she's a real genius, really!) I have a new grandson...well, almost new.  He will be 1 year on the 3rd of February and his name is Phoenix.  As I am caring for him while my beautiful daughter is at work, I have very little time to blog, play games, craft, or be on the computer.  Even after mommy comes home, the first place he gravitates to is ANY electronic equipment.  So, I cannot be on the laptop while he's in the same room.  And, when I'm caring for him, I cannot be on the computer either...he's a bright, busy 11 month old (well, tomorrow he'll be 11 months) and I just don't have time to "compute" while chasing him around the house!  I tell you, keeping a baby entertained for hours upon end is absolutely exhausting!!!  I now realize why young people should be the ones having kids!!!  ;)  At any rate, the name up there "Before Phoenix Rises" denotes my attempt (remember, Cindy's idea) to perhaps get a quick blog in before he awakens from his nap.  Of course the ideal would be to nap while HE'S napping, but as anyone with kids and/or grand kids out there knows, that is just never an absolute action.  Things like eating while they're sleeping or doing a chore while they're sleeping must sometimes take first chair!  So, I'll try to be back here to get a blog in here or there.  I hope you'll understand that my time with him takes first place and that you'll read me anyway, even if I can't always get back to you.  A new beginning, a new year, a new way of life....funny how you get your mindset in one direction and then life comes along and changes everything!